Monday, July 31, 2006

Let's go Krogering!

This Saturday morning Melissa, the boys and I went to Kroger to do our weekly grocery shopping. As we were walking in we saw the SHFD (Sterling Heights Fire Dept) truck out front. As we walked up to get a cart they asked if the boys wanted to see the truck. The pictures below tell the story.

They let Aidan start the engine and blow the air horn.
He loved it! Thanks SHFD!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fair Weather Fan, 911 and DVD

Over the last 11 days or so a few things stand out to me. They are as follows:

Fair Weather Fan?
My Uncle was in town last week and wanted to see a Tigers game. I haven't been a baseball fan since the last strike. When my Dad came up with an extra ticket, away I went. I'll tell you the bad things first. I had never been to Comerica Park for a baseball game (I was there once for a party after Fash Bash) and was looking forward to a cold beer and some peanuts. The beer was $8 for a 30 oz cup, and the peanuts were $4. I wasn't prepared for this. I headed for an ATM, after all I was at Comerica Park, I shouldn't have a hard time finding an ATM. Just outside of my section I saw an ATM with no one waiting. As I approached I noticed a disturbing sign, "Out of Order". What? Ok, this wasn't going to stop me. I started walking. I went from section 118 to section 136 when I saw another ATM sign. As I walked up I saw 40 people in line. What kind of a bank sponsors a baseball park, puts in 4 ATM's and then let's one be out of order during a game? Comerica. After waiting in line for money I had to pee, more waiting in line. Then I needed that beer and peanuts. More lines! Arg!

Despite the expensive food (I had peanuts, nachos, popcorn, and 2 beers) I had a great time. I was reminded of playing little league baseball, and going to opening day in 1984 with my friend Brian, and the time I took my Grandparents when I was given tickets from my boss at Carron & Co. (sometime in the mid 90's). All good memories. And to top it off, the Tigers kicked ass! I'm looking forward to taking my boys when they are old enough.

It was about 8pm on Saturday night when we heard Aidan making noise upstairs. We told him to just come down and have some popcorn with us. While we were enjoying our popcorn the phone rang. I got up to answer and as I was walking back to the couch Aidan decided to stand up, fall, and smash his face into the coffee table. I heard a horrible bone crunch. I said "Oh my god, gotta go" and hung the phone up on My sister-in-law Jamey, sorry Jamey. Aidan was screaming. My wife Melissa picked him up and tried to console him. I said let me see. I held him, blood all over his face and mouth, asked him to open his mouth so I could see. I freaked. Normally I'm the calm one, not this evening. I saw blood, raw flesh and loose teeth that he was trying to spit out. Again, I freaked. "Call 911 !", I said as I ran him to the bathroom so he could spit out his teeth. I held him over the sink and encouraged him to spit the contents out. It was at this point I realize he is spitting out popcorn. I tell Melissa to wait, I can drive him to the hospital. Too late, sirens blasting in the background. Moments later we were out front of the house with one squad car, one fire engine and one EMS. They checked him out and told us he was Ok but needed to go and have a Dr. check him out. Several hours later and a trip to the ER our night was over. No stitches, just some surgical glue and nervous parents.

Melissa got me a sweet DVD player for Christmas our first year of marriage. The boys decided that they needed to jam crap in it over the last year. This weekend it was beyond repair. I know it was because I tried to fix it. I took the entire thing apart, ended up getting angry and tossing it in the trash. We got a new one for under $40. If I knew DVD players were that cheap I would have never tried to fix it. Oh well, it was fun...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Okay, Busted

As Mark pointed out in his comment from my post below... The picture I posted was digitally manipulated. Here is the true picture. CJ she is not, but she saved my life.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Vacation with Sinbad the Pirate

Before I go into great detail about my vacation I would like to admit defeat in my weight loss contest. I lost 7 lbs to his 8 lbs. Congrats.

My wife and I recently went on a week long vacation to North Carolina to see the Tall Ships and Uncle Sinbad. I'll give a quick break down of the vacation and then let some pictures do the talking.

We drove 17 hours in one day to get there. Next time we'll fly. The house we rented was awesome, right on Atlantic Beach. Six bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Perfect for a family gathering. We walked out over the dunes and right on the beach. The water was warm and the waves were perfect for bodysurfing. We ate, drank (yes, I put all 7 lbs back on) and played the entire week. My wife, my Mom and Dad and I got in a few rounds of golf (the lessons helped me a little but I need more practice). We watched Pirates, tall ships, chatted with cousins, aunts, uncles and watched fireworks. We then drove 17 hours home. Again, next time I'll fly.