Monday, August 28, 2006

Mark's Vacation - Day 3 (Continued)

My Broter-in-law Mark was in town and a few weeks ago. Two things stand out in my mind about his trip.

1) Kart-2- Kart
All I can say is. Good driving. And I want a rematch. Las Vegas perhaps?

2) The long night with many stops. I have one question. What did you eat?

I know your thinking. Go ahead, say it.


I just went to look at this post and typed in by mistake: ???

Monday, August 21, 2006


Artistic ability runs in my family. My grandma was a portrait artist, my uncle is a sculptor, my mom is an artist with her own studio. So it would make sense that my 3 year old son would pick up on this keen ability, especially since it skipped me. The other evening when Aidan should have been in bed he was in the hallway playing, like he had many other times. After a few minutes my wife and I walked up the stairs to tuck him back in bed. We were horrified at what we saw. Blue crayon all over the carpet. A nice design but none the less horrifying.

Last night I decided I better get to work and begin the cleaning process, which according to my Google search result, wasn't going to be that hard. It called for a butter knife to scrape off any excess crayon, an iron, and a brown paper bag. The paper bag was to be placed on the crayon and heated with the iron until the bag was saturated with the crayon. The remainder could be cleaned off with several iterations of detergent and water. LIARS! This article has no bearing on the real world of budding artists and blue crayon. It took nearly 3 hours of industrial foam carpet cleaner, our Little Green Bissel, and a ton of scrubbing on my part. Tomorrow I'll post the result.


Okay, so here are the long awaited pictures of my hard work. It is from a slightly different angle. See if you can spot the previous artwork.